"You know why I called you here."

Torchlight flickered upon the dark walls of the Unhallowed Tower; Jirix watched intently as Redcloak's words fell softly off of his full, green lips. The goblin's yellow eyes were wide and compassionate, endlessly deep wells of kindness- sight fixed upon them, Jirix imagined he could see straight into the depths of Redcloak's soul.


A moment passed, awkward and silent: the only noise in all the world was the gentle breathing of the two goblinoids.
At least, the only sound that mattered.
At last, Jirix met Redcloak's gaze and spoke uncertainly.
"I…I don't…"
"You know full well, Jirix."

Wavering, the hobgoblin gathered his courage.
"I hope so."

Emboldened even as the words left his mouth, the orange-skinned figure mustered the words he had practiced. So many times he had uttered them in the darkness when he was alone, hoping that somehow Redcloak would hear him. So many months, and at last he had the chance to make sure he was heard.

"I… I love you, Redcloak."

Jirix spoke in a hushed whisper, the sentence issuing from his mouth like a rolling tide of mist. It engulfed them, silence blanketing the two as a veil of fog.
Jirix did not know what to say; his very blood was jumping in anxiety, waiting for Redcloak's response.
Waiting for the moment of truth.

And then the words came, the ones he had been waiting for.

"I love you too, Jirix."

The candle went out, plunging the icy hallway into darkness.

But for Jirix, the sun shone like burnished gold and light washed the world in joy.

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