Bone Golem Roy/Nale

He couldn't help it; the most stimulating whiff of bare bone, mixed with remains of deliciously rotten skin, invited him to reach for the angular, polished skull of his companion. Roy grunted, but let Nale press his soft, swollen lips against his teeth.
"Have you given any thought to what I asked of you?" Nale's baby blues met shining green light deep in the eye sockets. Roy coughed a sound of affirmation and Nale gave an encouraging smile.
"So, did you decide to follow my plan?" His fingers danced on Roy's forehead.

Roy was silent for a disturbingly long time, but Nale knew it to be normal for his kind. Thinking, let alone speaking, was hardly Roy's virtue. Finally Roy nodded and Nale grinned charmingly.
"Good. I knew I could trust in you. Now… go and rid of them so nothing can come between us."

Roy rose without uttering a word and shambled through the door, purpose in his stride. Nale couldn't help smiling when he thought about the agonized screams of his pathetic twin brother and his pitiful mates that would soon fill the air. Sabine would still be the issue, yes, but together with his new lover they would break the demon. True love, Nale thought, was a beautiful thing - almost as beautiful as betrayal.

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