"Say…", began O-Chul. How did you meet Xykon? Just curious."
"If you don't want to tell me it's fine."
"He's… was… a childhood friend. I think my earliest memory of him is he bombing my sandcastle in kindergarten."
"I guess he has always been mean."
"No, no! We were playing fort under siege. It was his idea because I'm no good at thinking up games. But he always knew funny ones. Wanna hear?"
"If you want to tell, Monster-san"
"Okay. One of the funniest things was when Xykon was about 17… There was this tavern. All modern and such. Not only looking for barmaids, but also for waiters. Something about gender equality. Can't remember it well. So Xykon says we need money for prank stuff and should go work there. Didn't know how he wanted to have enough time because at that time he studied hard for magic college entry exams. That's what he told me. I didn't like being near that tavern, the owner would always yell at me, but Xykon was always strong and charismatic so I followed him. And then he asked the owner if we could get a part-time job as waiters. The owner looked at us in a strange way and then she started laughing. I still don't know why…". The MitD frowned. "In between two fits of laughter, I think I understood something about not having anough figure… Xykon must've understood her too because he answered that figure doesn't matter if you have the face for it… What?"
"N-nothing. Continue, please."
"Okay. She stopped laughing at that. The following expression was… strange… it's the same Xykon has nowadays, you know?"
"We were given uniforms then. They looked really nice, but I had problems putting mine on, especially with the stuffing, so Xykon helped me."
"Yes, why?", the MitD replied a bit confused.
"I think they called it a 'French Maid costume'… You can't imagine how good Xykon looked in his."
"Mr. Stiffy? Hey, Mr. Stiffy?"
"Nuts. Xykon will be mad at me for telling the story… And I still don't know why everyone that knows it looks at me this way…"

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