"You again.", said Lee.
"You're going to be our best customer."
"Shut up. Go get the splice ready.", Vaarsuvius grumbled. "This time, I will not fail."
"As you wish."
Three familiar souls appeared before her. Haerta chuckled. "Ooh, you think you can hold us now?"
"At least she looks way healthier now!", Jephton interjected.
"Who has wronged you this time?" Ganonron asked, looking straightly at the elf.
She didn't answer immediately. She just returned their mocking each with a single, determined gaze.
"Do you want to destroy something or don't you?", the elf smirked with a raised eyebrow. Then she turned to the three fiends.
"How long do you want to wait? Your time-stop doesn't hold forever."
"How inconsiderate of us…"
Two orbs appeared in front of the wizard.
"As if you needed to pose the choice." She touched the blue orb.
Welcome back to the dark side, sister!
Destroy those that have wronged you!
Tear everything down!
"Your verbal interjection is unecessary, so do me the favor of shutting up."
"Time stop ends in 3…", Cedric started.
Vaarsuvius turned towards the door.
With each step she took towards it, the counter went down. The moment she touched the handle, Cedric exclaimed "Zero", she felt resistance and opened the door gently. Vaarsuvius looked into Redcloaks shocked face.
"What in…"
She passed him and walked into the corridor.
"I have done what was necessary. I will end it this time, I promise."
"Wait!" Redcloak turned and tried to grasp her, but by then his love had already muttered a "somethingundefinable teleport" and disappeared.
"… No…"

Xykon didn't even bother to turn around.
"You didn't learn ANYTHING in the last 17 years, did you?"
"Argh! You-"
"Quickened Time Stop."
Three souls silently held up a red sign.
"Quickened Sul'Zalas Buff-pack. Quickened Sul'Zalas Resistance-pack. Delayed Sunblast"
Three souls silently held up a green sign.
"-bi- ARGH! Meteor Swarm!"
In between the distraction caused by the spammed Sunblasts and Meteor Swarms by the two casters neither of the seemed to notice the black-robed, goblinoid adolescent with purple hair that came hurrying into the room.
For a moment, she couldn't quite grasp what was going on, in the next Xykon held her as a shield in front of him. Now she was eye-to-eye with the strange elven caster that looked so oddly familiar. But it couldn't be. Xykon had confiscated her spellbook. There was no way…
"Now, you wouldn't hurt your precious bast-"
"Not my daughter, you BASTARD!", the castress screamed. Tiasals eyes widened.
The Lich disintegrated and Tiasal would've made an unpleasant contact with the ground if Vaarsuvius hadn't cast a Feather Fall on her. Their eyes met.
"Hand over the phylactery, Tiasal."
"No! You-"
"Hand it over. Now!"
"You - You CAN'T be my mother! Whatever you have done to her-"
"Hand it OVER!"
"N-Never! Xykon was like a father to me, more than-"
Tiasal stared at the woman in front of her. It COULDN'T be Vaarsuvius. It just couldn't be.
"You… leave me no choice. Believe me, I don't like this… Depowered Astas Shockwave for many Situations!" (A/N: I'm sorry. I needed a name for this one. Will take it out if you don't like ist, Asta Kask.)
"Ugh!" Tiasal was thrown off her feet.
"Bigsby's Grasping Hand."
Again, Tiasal didn't hit the ground or a wall, but she was at that castress' mercy.
"Learn to know your place, daughter! Trust me, I don't like hurting you…" Vaarsuvius hovered towards her child and took Xykons phylactery from her.
"Disguisting. Disintegrate."
Xykon's anchor to the plane of the living cumbled to ashes. Just as the first speck touched the ground, an alarmed Redcloak burst into the room. The wizard released the spell and caught Tiasal in her arms.
"Vaarsuvius! Tiasal!", Redcloak stormed towards his love and his daughter.
"It is done.", the former one said calmly.
He embraced both.
"What price did you have to pay?" A tear ran down from his remaining eye.
"A small one compared to what we would've had to pay if I hadn't done it." she gently touched the patch over Redcloaks right eye. "You can heal it now. No one will take it from you ever again. On a lesser related note, are there anny immediate threats it would be prudent to deal with now that I still command over this power?"
"… No.", Redcloak answered.
Vaarsuvius released the splices. In front if Tiasal's eyes the castress' aura, which had been tainted black with evil cleared up, the fangs disappeared and the blank white eyes returned to the green ones she had known before. In front of her eyes,, the fiend that had killed her father figure and mentor transformed into the person that had been introduced to her as her mother. Shocked and confused she turned to her 'true' father, Redcloak. The tears that ran down his cheeks were an unfamiliar sight to her, she had never seen him cry. But one thing was sure: The woman was, in fact, her mother. And she had just killed Xykon off for real. Tiasal was overwhelmed by new and surpressed emotions alike. Vaarsuvius turned to her daughter and the helplessly to Redcloak. He just hugged Tiasal closer, smiled, and said: "We have much catching up to do."

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