Flesh Golem Roy/Crystal

His rigid flesh seemed so alive under the press of my eager fingers. Although there was no pulse that coursed through him, I fancied that his veins breathed beneath my touch, that they gasped in ecstasy as I traced a path along their raised blue exquisiteness, that I had with my devout worship brought him back into the land of the living from the realm of the dead. My consciousness, waking to his cold bone, was simply another realization of his true beauty, each and every layer of his essence an addition to my vocabulary of lust.
Had he been alive, though, I would not have been there with him. He would be gallivanting about with the devil-bitch Haley, forever out of my reach.

I found his body among the muck and debris of Mr Grubwiggler's place just a few hours ago whilst on a protection run around the Western side of the city, and to my pleasure I was there to watch the process of Roy's re-creation. Grubwiggler's security system kicked in as the theft took place, and it was my occupation's responsibility to watch through the tapes. It was a beautiful thing. An entrancing process, Grubwiggler's fingers dancing about over his slick and oiled bone, humidity in the air and a chorus of thunder predominating the storm ahead.

And there I was, alone in the dark castle. I straddled him, pressing my wet palms to his chest and leaned over him, gazing at his static beauty. I could wait no longer to kiss his raw, brazen teeth, which were conveniently parted in a maniacal grin as if they welcomed the warmth of my lips. His cold shocked my hot mouth and made me gasp but I did not stop. My pleasure fulfilled, my mind turned to Haley.

I have stolen her love, and now I shall steal her life…

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