"Son of a BugBear!" Redcloak sighed. he didn't know how this had happened. He was just at a bar, drinking away his troubles with Xykon, when she came. She was lovely for a human, and he couldn't take his eyes off her. She had pale skin, long black hair, and a lovely black dress, that was a little revealing. She came and sat next to him."I'll have a double tamp on the rocks" she ordered. The bartender served her. Redcloak couldn't believe his luck. They had ordered the same drink. "So, how's it going miss?" He asked her, a little tipsy." boring" she answered, a little uninterested in the redcloaked goblinoid." Can I buy you another drink?" He asked."Sure" she answered, suddenly realizing that he was hitting on her. He did. they drank together."Hey goblin," He looked up."What's your name?" she asked. Redcloak almost squeeled this was going so well."Redcloak" he answered. "Hey Redcloak, you wanna come over to my place?" She asked. "Yes!" He answered, a little too enthusiastically."Let's go" She beckoned to him. He followed. They got on her horse, she rode in front, Redcloak hanging on at the back. They got to her house, a nice little hut type house with 3 rooms, a living room, a kitchen, and his favorite at the moment, a bedroom. She had a king sized bed in the bedroom, a couch and fireplace in the living room, and an oven in the kitchen."Wait here" she said, pointing to the couch. He sat down and waited."I'm ready!" He heard her call from the doorway. She was wearing a thin, invisible night gown over her black braw and panties. He ran over and went into the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Redcloak woke up in her bed. She was asleep next to him. He was sore in the groin and in the neck.That human sure did have endurance. He slowly got out of the bed, and looked around the bedroom for his undergarments." I know what your looking for, and I,ve got them right here." she purred. Redcloak turned around. The woman had his undergarments in her hand. He took a step forward.She pulled her hand away.He looked at her, confused."there is a price for this valuable item" she said."What is it?"He asked."Another round with me" she smiled."But why?"He asked."That's my price." She said with a smirk."fine" he gave in. He got back in bed with her. An hour later, he was putting his undergarments on."Wasn't it fun?' she asked. He had to admit, he liked the price. He slowly got dressed."can you take me back to the bar? My horse is there." He asked. "fine" she said. she got dressed and took him back. He thanked her for a good time, and she left. Redcloak got back onto his horse, and left for Xykon's Castle. He got there, and climbed into his bed and went to sleep. The next morning he woke up and walked into the bathroom. He gasped. He was strangely pale, and had 2 fangs protruding from his upper lip. That woman was a vampire. And she bit him. he didn't thank her now. He covered up with a wrap, and took a walk into the cool night air. As he strolled, someone came up behind him."Hi!" Redcloak leaped around. It was that fool bard from the Order of the Stick."What do you want?!" Redcloak yelled." I think its cool that you have pointy teeth." The bard said."Really?" said Redcoak thoughtfully."yeah!" said the fool bard." You know I have to take you prisoner now."Redcloak told him."AWwwwwwwwwwwwwww! do I have t-.WAIT! I can be a hero. I'll have an oppurtunity to escape as a hero!" The fool exclaimed.Redcloak bound Elan's hands and feet, and put a gag in his mouth.Can't have him yammering on, alerting his allies. Redcloak slung Elan over his shoulder, he was surprisingly light.Redcloak took him to the castle, where he was found by Xykon."Well,well.What do we have here." The lich said thoughtfully."throw him in the prison!" redcloak took him to his cell, where he was unbound and ungagged."That skeleton was scary" Elan whispered."well you will have to get used to it, because he's like that all the time."Redcloak explained. Redcloak left the cell and closed the door. He went to his room and thought."He said he liked my fangs. No-one else will." as Redcloak brooded on his thoughts, elan was thinking. What you would have heard in his head would be a poem singin over and over to an elevator tune: Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet , and so are you. But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl's empty, and so is your head!. Elan's door opened. It was redcloak."Hi Redcloak!" Elan said. Red cloak walked in, and shut the cell door behind him."Whatcha doin?"Elan asked. Redcloak sat down, and started stripping down."What are you doing!?" When Redcloak was finished, he started on Elan."AAAAAaa!!!!""I love you." whispered Redcloak.

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