Frodo/Entire Hobgoblin Army/Sam/Harry Potter

Frodo: Run Sam! Run!
Sam: Why?
Frodo: A hobgoblin army is coming!
*Harry Potter bursts out of nowhere*
Harry: He's back! Voldemorts back!
Frodo: I dont care run!
*pushes Harry*
*Harry seees army*
Harry:awayus badguyus!
*2 ogres pop into army*
*Gandalf pops in*
Gandalf: Fly you fools!
*Snarl takes Gandalf*
*Frodo, Sam, and Harry slam into tree*
Sam: climb mister Frodo! Climb!
*All climb up*
*trolls star singing "let me be myself"*
*army shakes Frodo, Sam, and Harry down*
Army: All we want is an orgy!
Frodo: You could have just said that ok!
Sam: well do it!
Harry:Expect Patronads!

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