"This is great," Roy moaned. "Great! I can't believe this. We were on our way to fight Xykon, save the world. There was a great chance he would defeat us, yes. But I didn't expect to be defeated by a SHIPWRECK!" He leaped up and started pacing. "Whose idea was it to bring alchohol on this journey? Because it's their fault that the guy at the wheel passed out and let us crash here." He glared at Belkar, who sniggered. "This isn't funny! If we can't get out of here SOON, Xykon will get to Girard's Gate and take control of the Snarl!" He whirled around and started shouting at Vaarsuvius. "And you.. You not only have the nerve to not be able to cast Teleport normally - because believe me, that would be very useful - but you recently showed that you could move whole fleets! And yet you continue to tell me that you cannot do this now! We are on a goddarned deserted island, with no visible way of getting back to our goal!"

Haley put a hand on Roy's shoulder and asked, "Don't you think you're being a little bit harsh?" Roy gave her a dark look, and she rolled her eyes. "Fine. I'll go scout, and you can go sulk in some corner." She promptly turned around and left, leaving the rest of the party on the beach.

'He's just mad,' she thought. 'Once he can't find anything to rant about, he'll start doing some good and think of a way to get us from here - wherever here is - to the Western Continent.' She nodded to herself and continued walking.

The island seemed deserted. It seemed to be fairly small - it only took her half an hour to get to the other side - but there was space enough for a small ecosystem to develop. There were the typical coconut trees, tropical birds, and ferns, along with a whole lot of sand. Of course.

She spent the rest of the afternoon mapping the island, which she had determined was completely devoid of intelligent life. Finally, it was sundown - she should probably head back to where the others had set up camp.

But wait. Was that a stick cracking? Someone else was here. Heart beating, Haley notched an arrow, ready to let it fly. But she couldn't shoot on sight - it could very well be Elan, or Vaarsuvius, looking for her. Despite this logical explanation, she couldn't help gulping a little.

There! In the corner of her eye, Haley saw a shadow. She whirled around, shooting the arrow as she did. It hit her target, but it was getting darker by the second.. Desperately hoping she hadn't made a grave mistake, she crept forward to identify the target.

"Hah!" a voice cried out. "Redhead, you should remember that your flimsy arrows can't hurt me." An all-too familiar face seemed to pop out from the darkness. The demon was grinning maniacally. Haley gaped for a moment, uncomprehending - but only for a moment. "SABINE!" she shouted. "YOU-"

But her cry was cut off as Sabine slapped her hand over Haley's mouth. "Now now, we can't have our lovely little rogue getting help, can we?" she said wickedly. "It would be a shame if that dwarf or that halfling came over. Even worse if the fighter or elf.. although that bard wouldn't be too bad - he's rather stupid, and he's kinda hot.."

Furious, Haley lashed out at Sabine, growling angrily. After a small struggle and some unsuccessful attempts to stab Sabine with an arrow, the demon had disarmed Haley and tied her hands behind her back. Sabine said lazily, "Well, I may not have the blondie, but.." As Haley attempted to struggle some more and failed, Sabine smirked and continued, "Now I have you."

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