Windstriker wandered the mortal planes for the first time it what seemed like years. The Celestial plane was fine sure, and his frequent visits to Miko were often enjoyable when she wasn’t spending her time with Sangwaan. But every now and then he still liked to come down to the mortal realm and feel the wind in his mane. And so he ran, ran as far as he could, for as long as he could. Hours passed, and eventually, Windstriker got thirsty.

Windstriker looked and saw a strange form in the distance, as he approached, he was shocked to realise it was a tangled mass of two male hobgoblins, and a single female goblin, they seemed to have been having a picnic, as three half-eaten burgers sat abandoned on there plates. Next to one plate however, was an open bottle containing a strange purple fluid, the Goblinoids had yet to notice him, and he WAS very thirsty. As silent as a ninja, Windstriker picked up the bottle in his mouth, and raised his head, allowing the fruity drink to pour into his mouth. Not wanting to anger the goblinoids, he quickly put the empty bottle down on the ground, and bolted as quickly, and as silently as his hooves could manage.

It didn’t take long for Windstriker to encounter another odd sight. This time, it was a large wooden cabin, the place seemed abandoned, a sign out front clearly read, "temporarily moved to Gobbotopia, be back in three weeks". Windstriker circled the cabin a bit, examining it closer. As he circled out behind it, Windstriker jumped as he stood face to face with at least a hundred reptilian heads, there eyes were all closed, and they inhaled slowly. It was such an odd sight… so why couldn’t he take his eyes off them?

Windstriker found himself enticed by the sleeping creatures, a quick examination revealed them to be the many heads of a single hydra, each one as beautiful as the last. Windstriker lay himself down next to the hydra's body; he would wait for this majestic creature to wake up, so that he may introduce himself.

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