Redcloak groaned as he opened his eyes, it took him awhile to realise this was not the tent he had fallen asleep in the other night, he had instead woken up on the floor of a small stone room, with two large mirrors on opposite sides. “Xylon?” he called, reaching for his holy symbol, his clawed hand scratched around his armour fruitlessly before he realised it was gone. Redcloak quickly stood up in a panic, patting himself down and searching the floor beneath him, had he dropped it? but it was no use, Redcloaks holy symbol was gone, and so was Xylon’s phylactery. When Xylon heard about this… Redcloak didn’t want to think about it, he had to focus on finding a way out of this room anyways. He did a quick scan of the room, stopping at a huddled-up figure in the opposite corner of the room. It shifted slightly, and Redcloaks eyes opened wide as he saw the awakening human with long black hair, and a blue robe.

Miko rubbed her eyes slowly, quickly realising this wasn’t were she had fallen asleep on her trip back from the Dwarven lands. As she opened her eyes wider, she saw a figure standing over her with green skin, and a red cloak. “You!” she shouted, quickly throwing herself up, reaching for her swords, quickly realising they were no longer in their sheaths. Miko quickly searched the ground beneath her, he swords were nowhere to be found. She quickly scanned the room she was trapped in, no escape. “Weapons gone…” Miko thought, quickly putting the pieces together in her mind. “Dark room, no escape… appear to be alone with that…” Miko’s eyes opened wide. “YOU SICK BASTARD!” she yelled, tackling the Goblin to the floor.

Redcloak quickly moved his head as he dodged a punch which proceeded to create a large hole in the stone floor, was she a monk!? “What are you talking about!?” he yelled as he rolled out from underneath the enraged paladin. It took awhile for what she had said to sink in, but Redcloak quickly understood, bringing his hands up to his mouth to resist vomiting. “Ugh, by the dark one don’t flatter yourself!” he said leading forward to face the ground. “Like I would ever touch a paladin, much less a human, much less you!” the paladin scowled, raising her fists as if expecting him to attack. “I wont fall for your lies crimson mantle, for whatever reason you brought me here, I will defeat you and escape!” Redcloak rolled his eyes and the human. “Typical” he thought to himself. he opened his mouth to argue back, but was interrupted by the sound of magic, he turned around to see two separate tables, each with a single chair had appeared behind him. Sitting on each table was a small meal that appeared identical to the next; in the center of each meal was a single chocolate rabbit. Redcloak only now realised how hungry he was, and he could clearly hear the human’s stomach growl in hunger as she stared at the food.

Miko stared at the food on the tables, it felt as if she hadn’t eaten in days, and the food looked and smelled so delicious! She stared at the bearer of the crimson mantle, then to the food, then to the goblin again. “Another trick mantle-bearer? Trying to poison me perhaps?” the goblin rolled his eyes again and walked to the table on the opposite side of the room. “For the dark one’s sake I’m not the one who brought you here, I’m in the same boat you are. Now if you don’t mind, I’m starving, can we skip the fighting until after we have eaten at least?” Miko frowned and walked up to her own table, merely standing behind its chair with her hands on its backrest, staring at the goblin intensely. “Oh for… look, if your worried, just use detect poison on it,” the Goblin said after noticing her staring. “I already have, and I can assure you that none of this food is poisonous”. Miko frowned again and sat down into the chair, carefully picking up each individual food item and casting detect poison on it, so far the goblin was right, none of the food seems to have been tampered with. Miko carefully picked up a bun and took a few bites out of it. it didn’t take long for her to give in to her hunger however, as she steadily began eating at a quicker pace.

No words were exchanged between Miko and Redcloak as they ate, Miko would constantly glare at Redcloak, still believing this whole set-up to be some kind of twisted plot, Redcloak on the other hand quietly examined the room for means of escape, the mirrors on the walls could lead to something, though due to the fact that each mirror took up almost the entire wall, looking at them gave a dizzying effect of looking into an infinite reflections of the same room. Eventually both the goblin and the human had eaten all the food off there plate, and now found themselves each chewing on a chocolate rabbit, each having nothing to do but glare at one another.

Redcloak was getting tired of staring at the human; her accusing eyes stared back at him, blaming him for their mutual imprisonment in the strange stone room. They each took another bite out of their respective chocolate rabbits, Redcloak wasn’t entirely sure why he was eating it anymore, he barely even liked chocolate. But something about it just urged him to keep eating, some kind of new flavour… the human continued to glare at him, he glared back. Redcloak began examining his opponent. They both knew that the moment they finished the chocolate rabbits in their hands, the fight would begin anew. Yet something was off, he couldn’t his eyes off her human face, her eyes shone blue like the sky, her hair looked to be as fine as silk… why couldn’t he get his eyes off her?

“So.” Miko announced after patting her mouth with a napkin. “Shall we continue?” the goblin quickly shook his head, as if he was previously lost in thought, no doubt praying to his evil god for the strength to die honourably. The goblin slowly stood, Miko found it hard not to notice how well his red cloak matched with his black armour, and how his strong eyes shone like the sun… Miko quickly blinked, shaking her head free of the evil thoughts. The goblin was obviously using some kind of silent charm to try to dull her mind, but she refused to fall for it.

The twp foes stood facing one another in the center of the room. They stared at one another, unnatural urges within them growing. Miko was the first to act, she hunched down, extending her arms in a classic example of martial arts. Redcloak frowned and copied her stance, he had always depended on magic and other goblins to do the fighting for him, he hoped he would be ok. Miko let out a yell, and began to charge, again Redcloak mimicked her. And before either of them knew it, they were on the floor. Not throwing punches or kicks as they had expected, but rather passionately kissing and embracing. Any thoughts they may have had against their acts were quickly clouded over by seemingly undying love for one another. There was no sapphire city, their was no plan. There was only the two of them here, and now.

Meanwhile, a lone skeletal figure laughed hysterically as he observed the scene from a throne behind a one-way mirror. His laugher only stopping briefly as he tossed handfuls of popcorn into his mouth. A second figure shrouded in darkness approached from behind him.

“Xylon?” the shadowed creature asked. “What’s so funny?” Xylon laughed again as he pointed towards the glass separating him from the two disrobing figures on the other side. “awww you got those two together!? That’s so sweeet!”. Xylon shook his head, wiping a nonexistent tear away from an empty eye socket. “I-I laced their chocolate rabbits… In love potion!” Xylon burst into laugher again as the creature in the darkness raised an eyebrow. “Well that doesn’t seem very nice,” the creature in the shadows said as he looked curiously at the two figures in the other room. “ohhh” Xylon answered between fits of laughter. “But this is just the beginning! Just wait until they wake up tomorrow and realize what they just did!” again the skeleton burst into laughter as he tossed another handful of popcorn into his mouth.

The creature in the shadows was silent for a moment, considering what the skeleton had just said. “…So why are you eating popcorn? You don’t have a stomach to eat with!” Xylon just shrugged as he threw another handful into his mouth, keeping his eyes on the pair in the other room. “Seemed like the appropriate thing to do… want some chocolate?”

“Oh goodie!” the creature yelled as it bit the ears off its own chocolate rabbit. “…I love you Xylon,” the creature said after successfully swallowing the rabbit’s entire head. Xylon paused and turned to the creature in the shadows for a moment before turning his attention back to the human and the goblin in the other room. “Yeah, I love you too ya freak”.

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