Vaarsuvius sighed as she stared out the window of her little home. She was washing the dishes made from her latest alchemical experiment, an all-bran muffin with a delicious chocolate core. Her stomach poked out a good foot or so below her, forcing her to stand at least a foot away from the sink as she washed. She had been pregnant for a good two and a half years now, in another six months or so she would by lying on her back screaming bloody murder as she gave birth for the first time.

Two and a half years… it’s been at least that long since Vaarsuvius had last seen her beloved Inkyrius. Vaarsuvius remembered how he had left the Elvin homelands all those years ago in search of “ultimate arcane power”. She giggled to herself as she thought about it. He seemed so handsome when he was all high and mighty like that. Ever since he was chosen to be Aarindarius’s apprentice he’d had a fascination with magic. One she had shared with him for quite some time. Sadly she was no sorcerer, and with Inkyrius being taught the ways of magic away from home, she just didn’t have the time to study it on her own. Vaarsuvius’s ears jumped as she heard the ping of the timer she had set up thirty minutes ago. The dishes would have to wait for now, dinner was ready to be served.

Vaarsuvius quickly pulled on her oven mitts and grabbed a butter knife from a nearby cutlery drawer. The heat from the oven plumed over her face as she opened it to reveal a large loaf of bread. She inhaled deeply as the fragrant scent of cooked wheat exposed itself. Carefully she pulled out the bread with both hands, placing the butterknife down the center once she had laid it to rest on the counter. Vaarsuvius smiled as she brought the knife back out and examined it. None of the batter had stuck, the bread was ready.

Vaarsuvius removed her mitts as she let the bread cool on the counter. Quickly closing and turning-off the oven before reaching for the salad she had prepared earlier. By the time she had mixed the dressing in and added the croutons, the bread had cooled. She pulled out three plates and gently cut the bread into three medium-sized buns. She used a spoon to hollow out the buns, and carefully poured one-third the salad into each one, adding some more seasoning to the salad, and adding the removed bits of bread on top. The then placed the plates onto the table and poured two glasses of orange juice, and one of milk. Vaarsuvius stood back and examined the table for a short while before calling for her children. “Another masterpiece of the highest caliber” she thought to herself, gently patting her belly.

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