Belkar roamed the halls after school hours. “Stupid Teachers” he muttered under his breath. How was he supposed to know that filling someone’s locker with fire crackers count as “Unacceptable.” Belkar walked down the sparkly halls. “Looks like the janitor actually did his job for once”

Belkar proceeded to exit the building. The sun was bright in the sky. The grass was soft against his feet. “And they make fun of me for being barefoot” He thought to himself. He would one day rule this school. Then he would hook up with that hot demon chick. That school girl outfit of her is community service. Does she even know that we don’t have a dress code?

Belkar turned a corner and walked near the football field. The “Scenic Route” as he called it, was the greatest thing about this school. All the hot chicks in one convenient location. Haley, Miko, That weird multi eyed color chick, Kazumi, and crazy demon chick.

Belkar hung out by the fence watching them. It was a dream come true for him. He could see all the ladies and the ability they have. A fiendish thought popped in his perverted brain. All it required him to do is wait and run.

Miko assembled the cheerleaders. “Good job today. I just want to run the pyramid again.” The girls groaned at the pyramid. It was dangerous and cliché within cheerleaders. They moved around and went back into the pyramid. The next thing they saw was a blur pulling out a camera phone.

Belkar dashed across the field. He pulled out his camera phone. He only had one shot at this. If he failed, it would be a very painful punishment. “At least being short had its benefits” he though as he went under the cheerleaders. "Mission success!" He yelled as he ran in victory.

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