Once upon a time, Thor was bored. He was more than bored actually. He was a drunken, slurring, horny god! The last part was the one he could fix easily. Time to see if one of his clerics will pass a test of “Endurance”. Oh the puns Thor could come up with.

Durkon was walking through the dungeon hall. Soon enough they would find Xykon. Suddenly an angel appeared before him. He was carrying a postman’s bag and had the official FedXXX logo: (FedXXX: It’s the mail we use for crack pairings plot devices or at least I do) “Delivery for Durkon Thundershield” The angel said. “Aye that be me. “ Durkon replied. Then the angel planeshifted him to Thor’s Domain.

Durkon was blinded for a second by the plane shift. He Then fell to his knee’s, realizing this was his patron deities domain. “Welcome Durkon. I have invited you for a test of your “Endurance”. Durkon was puzzled for a second, and then realized his god’s intent. “Point me to th’ bedroom, Mast’r.” This could be an interesting night.

“Oh this isn’t gonna happen in a bedroom. We are gonna do it here.” Thor then proceeded to fling open the door. Durkon was amazed at how much gold was in there. “So this is my offerings go” He said. Thor through the lucky dwarf into the pile of gold. “Relax yourself and say Thors Might” the god said

One month has passed since the incident. “Your getting kind of fat Durkon. Say no to the food” Said Belkar in his obnoxious tone. “ Sure ya, just some fat” Said a nervous Durkon.” He then thought to himself “ Now what am I gonna name the little boy?”

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