Mr. Scruffy/Hobgoblin Army

After the siege of azure city and the death of shojo, much was lost. Kids were separated from there parents, spouse from spouse, family from family. But one who was forgotten in the wake was mr scruffy. His master was gone and he had to scrounge up as much cat nip as he could.
One day while he was walking through the rubble, a hobgoblin noticed him. He petted mr scruffy and the cat meowed. He had never had a cat before and called over his friends. soon they called for more, and more, and soon the entire hobgoblin army was there.
Soon under Mr scruffies leadership, they dethrowned xykon and killed redcloak. Soon he turned them into a warband of chaos. They would be the scourge of the world. All would know the rulle of scruffy the terrible.

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