Rogue Love (Part 1)

Haley examined the bandit camp. "So this is where they took Elan" she said." This place has a guard at every turn. This isnt gonna be easy." She knew she couldnt do this without Roy but someone had to rescue Elan."Maybe a quicknap will help." Haley dozed off,unaware of the bandits coming up the hill.
Haley awoke to bandits at her throat. She tried to reach for her bow,but her hands were tied up. She was all alone in a tent. She had no idea what would happen next. Would they kill her? Would she be sold into slavery? Thoughts of misfortune plagued her mind.
Hours passed. She was going insane because of the wait. Her fate was in the balance and she couldnt bluff her way out of it. Haley nearly lossed hope, but then the bandit leader entered tent. Haley was in awe.
This man was more than handsome, he was the epitomy of beauty. That scar gave him the aura of mystery. How can a man so good looking be the leader of dirty thieves?" Well then, I am the bandit leader." he said." And right now you are my prisoner.
Haley almost broke out in a cold sweat. what was this dashing man going to do to her? Will she ever find Elan? " I presume you came looking for the bard that came by earlier" he said with a grin. " I will let you and him go, on one condition." His face broke out in a smug grin

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