Rogue Love (Part 2)

Haley woke up in the bandit kings bedroom. It seems her looks, wit, and bluff skill could get her out of every situation. Though who’s to say she can’t enjoy herself along the way? Now all that was left was to get Elan and get out of her faster then you can say “Expeditious Retreat”. But did she really want to leave? The bandit king wasn’t so bad, and Elan could be fine on his own. “Maybe a walk will clear my mind” Haley said, just trying to delay making a decision.
Outside it was a beautiful day. The flowers were in bloom, and the birds chirped in the trees. Haley was fully observant to the beauty of nature, but not that of the bandit kings daughter watching her leave the tent.” Hey, what were you doing in my father’s tent?” She said looking curious but as if she could burst into a rage at any moment.” Um, erm, Nothing?” Haley said trying to look as innocent as possible, and considering she is a rogue it was a really good try. “I’m watching you” the bandit king’s daughter said, eyeing her suspiciously.
Haley sighed as the young lady walked away. That incident made it easy to choose. She needed to find Élan, get back to Roy, and get this nightmare over with. Though finding Elan in a bandit camp with at least 50 bandits would be more difficult, even more so because she wasn’t one of them.”” The first thing I am gonna need is an outfit” she thought to herself. Time for Operation: knock a dumb bandit out.
Samantha thought about what just happened. “Did dad get a new concubine? Was the camp infiltrated? Those matters could wait. She was gonna go back to her new boy toy. Blondie was definably a keeper. And a quick cast of cats grace always helped in a relationship.

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