Rogue Love (Part 3)

Haley was all set. She had enough supplies to keep her and Elan for a couple days. Now the only thing left to do was make sure the bandit king doesn’t follow her and get Elan and run like there is no tomorrow. The bandit outfit she stole will defiantly help her get around the bandit camp. “Time for Operation: escape” she thought to herself as she set out to the bandit kings tent,
“Well then, you back for more “conditions”?” The bandit king said, obviously trying to lure Haley in. “Just let me freshen up.” Haley said, excusing herself outside.
She came back inside with some rope and a gag. “Well, I can see you really are adventurous.” She gagged him then tied him up. “Well now, see ya later!” She said grinning. The bandit king was in so much of a rage; it’s a surprise the rope held. Then again Haley has more skill points in Use (rope) then you think she would.
Haley exited with the tent with a goal and the means to achieve it. She stole her bow and arrow back and found the footprints of that girl she saw earlier. She found it after a couple of minutes. She looked inside to check if she was their. All she could see was her body covering up someone with blonde hair. “Elan!” she though almost bursting in. “Wait. I am gonna need a plan if I want to do this without alerting the entire camp.” Fortunately, she had just the plan to eliminate the girl.
Samantha was just about to start round 2 with her new man when someone was yelling outside her door.” Excuse me miss, but you have a gift!” A voice said. “Who is it from and what is it? “ She said walking to the door. As she opened the door she was hit with 2 arrows. One in the jugular and one directly between the eyes. “Fate” Haley said as she entered the tent. “Haley!” Elan said as she saw her entering the tent.
“Shhh!!” Haley said covering élans lips. “I don’t feel like taking on an army of bandits. I have the bandit leader tied up at the moment. Let’s escape while we can!” The couple rushed out, being careful not the trip on the body. “No need to get blood on my cape” Elan said.
From there they ran. They ran for as long as their legs could take them. They dare not look back to see if they were being pursued. Right now the only thing that mattered was putting as much distance from the bandit camp as they could. Soon the night turned into day, and a small village came into view.
It was a small town called stormblade, named after the legendary blade. They resided in a small inn called “The Bell and Dragon”. After calming down Haley said “I don’t care how long I have to run. Our love (and my gold) will sustain us.” “Cause we got to hold on to what we got. IT doesn’t make a difference if we make it our not. WE got each other and that’s a lot for love. We’ll give it a shot!” Said Elan COMPLETELY Ruining THE F** MOMENT!
“Was that really necessary?” Haley said slightly disappointed in him. “I’m a bard. Its my duty.” He said with a smile. I know. I know.”

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