Rogue Love (Part 4)

Haley and Elan were doing well in Stormblade. They were just another traveler couple who wandered in. The town’s people thought they were a merry couple who would be off in a couple days. They could hide here for a long time without anyone noticing them. Then the mayor called a meeting.

They assembled in the town hall. Thinking it was just another routine meeting, they trudged in, wanting to get back to work. The mayor announced “Thank you for coming. We have a serious threat. “Everyone in the audience turned quiet. “ A roaming army of bandits is heading our way. They have attacked several towns to get here, and left no survivors.”

“We sent a messenger to negotiate. He came back in pieces.” There was a look of panic over the audience’s faces. Haley was frightened. Her actions are going to cause this town to be slaughtered. “That is all.” The mayor said abruptly, trying to get away from the townsfolk as fast as possible. A mob of people rushed after the mayor while Elan and Haley sat their, struck with guilt.

“Should we tell them they are after us?” Elan said. “Not unless you have a death wish.” Haley said. “We should have never come here”. Elan said, drowning in his pity. “They will never get out fast enough. They will be mowed down.” “We got them in to this mess, we will get them out.” Elan said standing heroically on his chair.

“Elan baby, we can’t get out ourselves and you want to suggest bring everyone with us?” Haley said, trying to reason with him. “Ah but I have this!” He exclaimed, pulling a scroll out of his chest. “What spell is that? Is it teleport? Plane shift?” Haley said guessing. “No, but a spell that sends a beacon to a certain Mr. Julio Scoundrel and his airship fleet.” Haley just sat their with her jaw open.

“Haley hugged him faster than you can say, bull rush hug. For once he was useful. “Wait how did you get it?” “Well actually it’s a spell of plot device, but anyway it works.” Haley was in pure glee. An airship fleet could take the entire town out of there, away from the bandits. “I will gather the townsfolk, you work on that scroll” Haley said rushing out. For once, Elan saved the day.

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