Rogue Love (Part 5)

Haley was somehow able to get most of the citizens back. A small number, including the mayor, she could not find. It was better than just letting them all die.
Elan was just about done with the ritual. They would be out before sunset. Maybe they did have a chance

Julio scoundrel heard the signal almost immediately. From what he could understand it was coming from someone of importance. “Looks like its south for us. Should be there in a couple days”. He gathered his crew together. “We head to Stormblade!” posing heroically. It was at that point where he lost his balance and fell, ruining the moment.

The airships were in view over the sunset. The villagers were cheering. For Elan and Haley, happily ever after was only a short distance away. That is when a fireball took out a nearby building. “Guess who?” a familiar voice said. Samantha was back. By the will of the gods, fate, or a paid cleric, she was back.

Haley readied her bow. “Get the townsfolk to the airships. She is mine” Haley said to Elan. “No matter what, just get them out of here” Elan directed the frenzied crowd toward the airships. Now it was time for a fair rematch.

Haley shot her bow, but Samantha weaved out of the way. This went back and forth for awhile. They knew they were matched almost evenly. Time for a little outside assistance. Haley ran to the forest with Samantha hot on her tail. “Meet your maker!” she yelled as her spells scorched the earth. She was then jumped by P.O’Ed druids.

“Don’t hurt the earth! Go Green! Fur Is Murder!” The druids yelled as they beat her into the ground. Haley got away smirking. Who knew that druids would be so predictable? Oh wait, everyone did. Now she just had to find the airships before they took off without her.

The bandit king was readying the archers into position. Soon he would get revenge. That evil girl would feel his wrath. “We are ready to take down the airships. We will fire when ready. ” His lieutenant said. The bandit king has an evil grin “ FIRE!”

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