Rogue Love (Part 6)

Haley saw the arrows strike the airships. She could see the wood being splintered, as the innocent civilians, and part of Julio Scoundrels crew struck down by the archers. But none stood out more than the bard falling straight to the earth.

Haley rushed over to her fallen lover. He was bleeding and appeared to have broken nearly all his ribs. His limbs were useless, he was inches from deaths door. Haley bent over his dying body, crying up a river. “Elan, please don’t die” Said Haley. “That’s a promise I can’t keep.” Those were Élans final words.

Haley was overcome with grief. She would never see Elan’s smile, his jokes, and his joyful presence again. What would become of her? It seems she just has to hide. Hide from her enemies, hide from her inner feelings. She was just someone who could not face the truth.

Haley roamed for miles upon miles. Wherever she roamed, she saw lovers and wish she could still be one of them. Haley traveled till she found the coast. Haley ascended a large cliff and walked to the edge. She said “ We will meet in the afterlife my love” and jumped off.

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