“To the 9 hells with your plan!” yelled redcloak as he slammed the door. Xykon was driving the goblin and hobgoblin race into the ground. The Dark One’s will won’t be fulfilled at this rate. “Maybe I should just quit” Redcloak thought to himself. “The torture of the afterlife is but stubbing a toe compared to Xykon.”

“Old bones being mean to ya, Reddy?” Tsusiko said with a grin.

“Please, no more of your crap Tsusiko. My race and the will of my god is on the line here. What do you have to lose? Nothing. You are just a spell casting lackey here for the undead and nothing more. Maybe when you have something at stake in this situation, then you can talk.”

“Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” Tsusiko remarked.

“Well sorry, but I have a mountain of stress to deal with. No one else seems to be a responsible leader, and I have to help Xykon get his phylactery back from some murky hole. No one can relate. No one knows what that excuse of a sorcerer puts me through.”

“We all have to take what he does. Quit complaining about it, it won’t solve anything.”

“Fine, besides we have a job to do. Something about elves in a prison center. They say we have a lot of dead.” Redcloak grumbled as he went to the slaughter.

“Oh gods, this is a nightmare” said Redcloak as he entered the prison. Dead Hobgoblins, everywhere. The blood stained the ground. Trained priests were cut down. “Yay, more children!” yelled Tsusiko as she got to work.

Redcloak sat down in despair “this is exactly what I am talking about. To Xykon we are just lambs to the slaughter. He doesn’t get we are just as important as him. And If I try to act against him, I am deader than you can say “meteor swarm” I need somebody who is not just a meat shield, or a fearing soldier. I need a real friend.” Reddy said muttering to himself.

Tsusiko listened intently to what he said. She knew what it was like to be lonely. Before she joined Xykon, people considered her a crazy witch.” Do you think that person has levels in mystical theurge?” she said stopping her work.

“ Ya, I think they do” said Redcloak with a smile “I think they do”

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