Roys bone golem didnt know where he was, though with his intelligence thats not saying much

It was multiple weeks before the golem came to only to way up in a bed chamber. He only saw that he was strapped to the his left he saw a small xykon doll. Near the entrance he saw 2 wights.

" Mother Tsusiko will be with you soon" one of them said.

Who was this mother Tsusiko and why was he tied down?All he could come to was a guttural sound.Suddenly a door opened and a young woman appeared. She was in a black night gown. She was wearing earings made out of smal bones made into a diamond shape. Through her nightgown you could see the whatnots of her undergarments.

" please leave,my wights" She said and they left her alone with the golem

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am tsusiko, and you should now … * she laid down and started strong the ribcage of the skeleton " I REALLY like undead". Roys golem finally knew who her captor is. Instead of rage, he felt passion. She was a lovely young lady, and an undead lover at that. " Now…. " tsusiko said as she took off the nightgown, Lets get down to business".

none of them knew this but in the corner, Teevo was watching themwhile in a maid outfit, and watched it good. Why? Cause thats what gets him off

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