Therkla/Julio Scoundrel

Therkla was sitting in a bar drowning her sorrows because she noticed that elan wasnt paying attention to her. By half -orc standards,she was gorgous. Nothing could explain it to her, not even the fact of being in love with haley.She might have drunk till she passed 'till a suprisingly sexy man sat next to her
"Well hello their, sexy lady" He said in his alluring voice. "My name is Julio Scoundrel."Therkla looked him up and down.He put elan to shame."I'm Therkla" she said trying not to look amazed."How bout another beer?" Obviously trying to get her drunk and in her pants.
" It will take more than some cheap liqour to get me drunker than a dwarf" she said, playing to be hard to get. "A challenge I see.* Julio smirked while looking at her assets. Therkla blushed while he was doing this. " looks like I dont need the liquor" If you want me come and get me. Julio eagerly followed her back to the inn she was residing in. Therkla then put a "Do not Disturb" sign on the door.

Warning NSFW things coming up

Therkla Started to lock the door. She disappeared into the bathroom. When she came back she was adorned in Black leather. Julio's pleasure went to new levels for him. He had the pleasure of a half-orc, and those of the ones Therkla was implying, but never both. She unbottened his shirt and throwing him on the bed. time for some fun, she said as she grinned

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