Vaarsuvius awoke in a damp chamber. All she remembered was the venturing in the dungeon of durokan and being knocked out by a goblin. She saw a note lying on the ground next to her.

Hello little elf. You have been captured and you will do my will. If you don’t, you will suffer beyond what you believe possible. If you do it without complaint, I might let you go. In the next room, there is a creature I want you to……… “Closely Examine.” The creature will not attack you if you follow my directions, but if you do not do what I say, I will make it kill you.

-Xykon the lich

The name Xykon ran a bell in her head. It was the name of the lich her adventuring party was fighting. She thought the whole ordeal was pointless. She attempted to cast a spell, but it fizzled out. The walls of the room were scribed with runes. The only way she could escape is following the lich’s orders. She found the door the lich had mentioned and opened the door.

She entered the door and saw a horrible creature. It was a beholder, the one from when the lawyers took away the mind flayer squid thing. Only it was…….different. It was wearing bunny ears in between its eye stocks. Is had chocolate stains near its mouth. V knew it was because of a human holiday called Easter, but this was just strange.

And V has to “closely examine” this thing. What kind of sick perverted bastard was Xykon? But she had a small urge of desire. She wanted to try something new. She would probably be the first to do this task. she also wanted to know exactly how beholders reproduced.

The beholder then noticed V. “Hello” it said. It was now understood that it was under the spell “Dominate Monster” “Would you like to find out where I hid the Easter eggs?” it said. V was going to find out about beholder anatomy and have fun doing it.

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