Sabine was near the shower room. What was talking Nale so long in the shower? Surely he couldn’t be using it just to bath. Besides, she needed to wash up, and he was using all the hot water. And if he was still showering, she could “join in”.

Sabine walked into the shower room. Steam was all around and the air was humid, nothing special. She heard a commotion in the next room. She could hear moans and other sounds. What in the 9 hells was happening over there. She ran into the room, with the intent to find out this mystery.

Sabine was shocked at what she saw Nale and some elf doing. “It is not what it looks like sweetie!” Nale shouted, trying to explain this situation. “It was for science, to figure out the gender!” “Well then what was it? “ Sabine said, also curious. Those elves are mysteries even she doesn’t fully know. “We’ll let’s find out together.” With that she jumped into the fray.

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