Surrounded by Hobgoblins, and only his trusty wolf Argent at his side, Hinjo held tight in the heat of battle, but even he knew that he would not stand forever.

"Leave our city, you orange monsters!" He cried above the din of battle. "'Orange monsters'? Really? That's all you've got?" One Hobgoblin taunted him. "The guy with the rapier has better taunts than y-" *SQUITCH!* Argent's teeth dug into the Hobgoblin like a cut of prime rib. "Thank you old friend. At least there are SOME allies that I can-"
And in turning his head, he saw the one prisoner, whose name escaped him at the moment, readying an arrow with poison. Hinjo could not possibly dodge his attack, so he braced himself for the hit, and prayed to the gods for a natural 20 on his fortitude save.

But the Arrow never came. Puzzled, he looked back in mid-swing. What he saw made his jaw drop. Belkar, the altruistic halfling, who had stood firm to save his life when Miko turned, had risked his own life to save him from the traitor. Back then, he had felt a strange affection towards the halfling, for without being a Paladin, he had shown loyalty to a man he had never even met before in his life. And despite his uncle's faults, he still admired the man. Such loyalty…few men he knew had ever…

"Hey, if you're done looking all day-dreamy over at your halfling boyfriend, do you think we could-" *SLASH!*

Hinjo's blade cut the Hobo's head clean off. He smiled, and knew that if Belkar had seen it, he would be impressed with the strength of his blade.

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