Durokan X Haley, Adultery AND Pink frills and white lace. (It is shortly after the victory of the Order of the Stick, Haley and Elan have just gotten married, and fell asleep together in bliss. Haley, meanwhile, has had her spirit summoned to the creator of the first gate they ever encountered; Durokan has summoned her, to thank her for her efforts as the second-in-command *Someone else is thanking Roy, probably Soon*, but he is taken aback very suddenly by how beautiful she is, and how she reminds him of his wife, who is forced to exist on another post-life plane. He offers her, in thanks for saving the world, the one thing she most wants in the world; to not be seen as a thief or a fighter or a player-character or anything like that…but to be treated as a woman. He produces for her a beautiful lace gown, pink, with white lace frills, gorgeous, she feels captivated by how charming he is, swooned by his elegant ways, tickled by his clever jokes, and before she knows what's happening, he has her in his arms, bringing her closer and closer, their breath in rhythm, barely an inch apart…)

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