"Are you sure? I mean you could just hide the body and-"
"No, I'm sure about this. I can't risk Bozzok finding out about my little "temper tandrum". Now raise her already, okay?"

Haley Starshine found herself alone in the thieves guild…well, alone save for the one cleric she had requested from the guild and Crystal…or rather, what would soon be Crystal.

"Well, it's your call then, Starshine…one Raise Dead comin' up."

As the caster chanted his spell, Haley thought back, to the time she and Crystal first met, and the REAL reason she was raising her right now.

"Nice Boots? NICE BOOTS?! That bitch, she KNOWS these are terrible boots!" A Young Haley Starshine marched back and forth in her new Thieves guild room, holding a pair of lime-green boots in her hand; boots that her father had made her wear; her least favorite boots in the world.

"Where does she come off-" Just then, a knock at her door interrupted her chain of thought. "Oh, er…come in." Haley said without thinking, as someone entered the room behind her. "I mean, is she trying to make me look ba-" And for the second time in a row was interrupted, when a sleek, agile figure grabbed her arm and pulled it behind her, kicking the door closed. "H-HEY! LET GO!"

"Heh…I knew it! You're as green as your boots!" Crystal let Haley go, as the lime-green boots dropped to the floor. Haley turned around, her face red and furious. "What was THAT about?!" She yelled at the girl her own age. "And what are you doing in my room?!"

"Um, hello? You invited me in?" Crystal shrugged, sitting rather blithely on Haley's bed. "You got some sweet digs here, Starshine. Your dad must have pretty good pull in the guild."

"Yeah, he's second-in-command." Haley tried to intimidate her, but it wasn't going to work. Crystal was a few levels ahead of her, and far more confident in herself.

"Yeah? Fancy that." She grinned. "So you think I should change my hair? I mean, gods know you weren't SERIOUS about it being "nice", right?"

Haley gaped for a bit..maybe this was just how Crystal normally acts…she sat down by the strange girl. "Well um…maybe a little longer would be nice…"

"Ya' think? Heh…yeah, green's not your color either…maybe get something in tan. That'd better suit your hair…heh…I wish I had hair like that."

"…Th-thanks…" Haley blushed a bit at the compliment. "I wish I had your…well, your confidence…I gotta say, I'm kind of new at this "rogue" thing…"

"Yeah?" Crystal grinned, putting an arm casually around the newbie's body. "Come on, Starshine. I'll teach you everything you'll ever need to know."

The closeness of their bodies made Haley flush a bit again. "Y-yeah? Everything?"


"-aise Dead Raise Dead Raise Dead!" The Cleric was finally done, and the wounds on Crystal's body healed over, good as new as she breathed her first fresh air in days.

"STARSHINE!" She shouted, jumping at Haley, who dodged her attack easily as she pushed the Cleric out of the room. "Okay, that's enough from you for today, buddy!"

"Wait, what if she needs-" But Haley had already pushed him out and locked the door, as Crystal made another leap at Haley.

"I'm gonna pull your hair out and-!" "Crystal." Haley interjected. "It's a soundproof room. No one else can hear us."

"Oh, good!" Crystal's arms went around Haley, as the two of them embraced, and shared a quick kiss that made the both of them giggle with delight. "Mmm…I know this whole "rival" thing was your idea Haley, but I can't stand being angry at you so often…"

"Mm…you're doing fine, Crystal. Nobody knows about how we really feel." Haley grinned. "Or how we've always felt…together."

"Mm…" Crystal locked her fingers with Haley, pulling herself closer to the beautiful red-head. "You know…by all accounts this is a new body…I'm technically a virgin now."

Haley grinned, as Crystal began to unbutton her top. "Don't worry, Crystal…I'll teach you everything you need to know."

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