The Hydra X Lien, Snowed in AND Aliens made them do it. (Oh boy, this one's going to be a huge stretch…well, in the past, when Azure City was whole, Lien was sent on a mission to a snowy port town on the suspicion that a hydra was attacking. At the time, the Hydra wasn't a guardian yet, and only a random encounter. She fought the hydra to a standstill, and the two of them sought shelter in a cave when the snow began to pile in, trapping them inside. In there, some magical creature of love cast a spell on them, making them see each other in a whole new light, across the inter-species boundary…she let the hydra live, and has since then been looking for a way to make their love work. She doesn't know yet about the hydra's unfortunate demise, but when she does, she will go out of her way to resurrect her one true love.)

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