Six years after the resealing of the Snarl gates, Durkon, after being revived by the new High Priest of Thor (Who knew nothing about his prophecy) was sent on a mission once again to the Human Lands. This time, to build relations with the new leader of their Southern allies. Hinjo was more than happy to see Durkon return, seeing the Order of the Stick as an ultimately good force in the universe. Durkon was happy to see the city because it had been a long time since he had returned to any of the lands where Roy had taken him long ago, and seeing the city again brought many memories back. One memory, a happy one, stuck out more than the others; the one time in all his adventures he was able to feel truly comfortable in his role as a priest.

"'Tis Good 'ta see you an' Diago be gettin' along well, lass."
"Thank you, Durkon. Really, it means a lot to me that you'd come to visit us after so long."

The house Kato, a house that Durkon himself had forged years ago. A small house, with but three members; the young heir to the house, Diago, and Kasumi, the beautiful woman who sat before Durkon even now.

Durkon didn't often think of the beauty of other races, but of all the women he had met in his travels, Kasumi was by far the fiercest of warriors, and most elegant of blossoms at the same time.

"I do hope yer' marriage not be sufferin' in any way." He added, drinking some of the tea that Kasumi had prepared.

"Mm…well, there is one thing that's been…lacking as of late…" The frustration in Kasumi's voice was not well-hidden, and the dwarf caught onto it almost immediately.

"Why, lass, what be wrong? Surely I can do somethin' fer' ya?"
"Oh no Durkon it's…well…" Kasumi set her tea down, standing up to gaze out the window. "Diago…he's been trying to solidify this house, and lately, he hasn't had any time for…well…"
"For tha' lad?"
"No, for his wife." She groaned, her frustration even more evident to the dwarf. "I mean, It's not like I'm some old hag, Durkon. I'm twenty-eight. But the way he treats me, you'd think I was forty years old! I mean look!" She turned, opening her robes to show her body to the dwarf. Beneath her robes was a tight black bra and panties, laced, hugging at her hips and considerable assets equally. "Does this look like a fourty-year-old body to you?"

Durkon spit out his tea at the sight of her. "N-Nay lass…it…er…"

"Oh Durkon…I…I just need someone to show me a little comfort…" She sighed, letting her robe fall without tying it, walking closer to the dwarf. "A real, real man…" And then, she shook her head at him. "But…you're just a puny man…you could never satisfy me…"

Very few things could make Durkon angry. A lack of ale, disrespect towards Thor, true, unimaginable evil, but the one thing that enraged him most was being called "puny".

"PUNY?! Oy' lass! I ain't no gnome 'ere! I'm a Dwarf! I AM A MAN!"

"Pah…you're barely any taller than-"

Durkon's body swelled to fill the room, stopping just short of the ceiling, a grin on his face, as he removed the ceremonial robes of diplomacy.

"Oh my…Y-you really ARE a big man…" Kasumi blushed and stared at the dwarf, in shock at how wrong she was about him…and how she wanted him so. "Oh Durkon…"

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