Lord Shojo/Jirix

Lord Shojo X Jirix, unrequited love (This one kinda has to take place in the afterlife, since they're both now-dead characters…but okay, here it goes. Despite Jirix's joy for watching O-chul's torture, he has otherwise led an extremely good-aligned, if not chaotic, life, and is allowed to go to the same afterlife as Shojo. Shojo has made quite a name for himself up there, surrounded by beautiful women and smoking poorly-written legal contracts as he should, and Jirix…is rather taken by how sexy the now-young-bodied Shojo looks…but he knows that his love can never be returned due to him being a hated hobgoblin, so he watches him from afar, admiring him, sending him anonymous love letters, knowing that nothing he can ever do will express his sorrow and affection for this magnificent man.)

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