"Bet you're glad I bought these bracelets now aren't you sis" a slightly drunk Elan said to the wall where Nale had been a moment ago. They're based on a girdle Royena used to have."

"Shut up and fix me you useless bastard."

"That's bitch now" Elan chuckled again. "Hey, how come your boobs are bigger than mine?"

"I guess I'm just better than you as usual" Nale replied, her voice surprisingly deep considering her lithe frame.

Grabbing her sisters breasts Elan found that they were not only bigger, but they were softer too. Squeezing them gently she was surprised when Nale didn't resist. Moving her left hand down Nale's side Elan reached her sister's waist, and in a single practised movement (the kind only a true Bard could accomplish) she pulled Nale's belt away from her. "Ha!"

Nale's chest immediately deflated two cup sizes. "That'll teach you to steal my Belt of Charisma."

"I don't care, just fix me now. Get this stupid bracelet off." She puled at it, but it wouldn't budge.

"I think you've got bigger problems" sniggered Elan, holding the belt up.

Nale immediately noticed that without it her pants had fallen to the floor. Scrambling to pull them up Elan interrupted her, using the belt to hold her arms up against the wall. "You're not getting away that easily cutie, lets go into the next room and….play. Sabine promised to show us a good time."

Surprised by how much she lked that idea, Nale complied. "Ok sis, you the boss."

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