Mr. Scruffy/Windstriker

Outside of the castle of Azure City, Windstriker waited patiently for her rider to return. Miko had gone inside the castle on important business, but would be out soon. Suddenly, the celestial steed saw something small and white padding towards her - the housecat that Lord Shojo had named Mr. Scruffy. Windstriker felt the cat's green-gold eyes upon her. Normally she would not have felt this strange attraction to the tiny feline, but Windstriker had accidentally stumbled into some strange gender-changing belt mere days ago, and it was now looped around her flanks uncomfortably, and yet unremovable for the moment, since Miko was too busy to get a cleric to remove the curse.

Then, Mr. Scruffy was sitting before her. She could not resist. Windstriker bent her neck forward, affectionately touching noses with the white cat.

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