Roy/Eye of Fear and Flame

Roy planted the tip of his sword in the ground, leaning on it for a few moments as he caught his breath. Nearby, dead hobgoblins were messily piled up. The sounds of battle echoed all around him. Suddenly, he felt compelled to go to one of the other piles… cautious, and yet curious, Roy walked towards the pile he was strangely drawn to, catching a glimpse of something red and shining amongst the corpses.

When he got there, Roy dug through the corpses and found a skull, one eye the source of the strange red glint.
"Hello there," the skull said suddenly, in a voice that oddly seemed to be a purr, despite the lack of vocal cords and such. Startled, Roy eyed the thing suspiciously, without replying. Then a wave of mixed emotions came over him.
"Come closer," the skull said quietly, and Roy felt himself leaning forward towards that skeletal grin…

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