"WHYYYYY *sniffle* WHHYYYYYYYY!!!!" Vaausarvis screamed, crying. Haley had heared the Elf crying, and came over. "Whats wrong! Is it Xykon!" Haley asked. Vaausarvis continued to cry and hands her a note. "It will be okay… I guess…" said Haley "It will be okay" She started rubbing his neck…

"W- w- what a- are you doing?" Vaausarvis said, shakily "Ssssshhh" Haley said "just relax…" she said and pinned Vaausarvis down she started taking off her leather top "N- no s- s- stop" Vaausarvis said. "Just relax… submit to me" she said while slipping the Elves robes with the expertise only a pick pocket could muster while pinning the Elf "submition? what are you talking… about… " Vaausarvis said "submition…"

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