Soul Spliced Elan/Haley

*creeeaak* The door opened and Haley turned around to greet Elan…

"Oh hi El- Eeeek!!! El- el- Elan? Is th- th- that you?"

"Yes… I met some fiends. They came when I found an ad on the ground…" said the evil looking Elan.

"Fiends! YOU SOLD YOUR SOUL TO FIENDS!!!" exclaimed the terrified Haley.

"That does not matter Haley, with this power I can do anything! We may do anything! Come to my side, Haley, and we may rule the WORLD!!! Mwahahahaha!!!"

"Never! Elan, I know the old you is in there! Fight It!"

"I am Elan. Suggestion. I am the bard you love. Suggestion. Join me!"

Haley's pupils dilated "Yes, I will join you Elan," she said.

Come to our bed, Haley…




Stop it!


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