The twelve days of *insertgenericholidayhere*
Day 1: And a paladin in a pear tree?
(Miko’s POV)
Back at home, I had never really celebrated much. Of course, there were the generic ideas of things such as ‘Snow Day’ or other such I never really had time for. It was foolish, but at the same time….a bit cheerful. The people I strived so hard to protect…were happy and enjoying themselves.
I, however, almost did not. Duty did come first, after all. Of course, on my short journey with the Order of the Stick, everything seemed to change for that…for the better, maybe.

We were walking through a land graced with snow, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. I wondered why, but I didn’t really ask, until I was presented with a question.
“You know…even though you’re on duty and all….why don’t you try to celebrate, like the rest of us?” This question was presented by the blonde boy, who seemed to be kind and careless enough, so I merely responded “No time. Being with you all is hard enough work by itself.”
He almost frowned, but regained himself. “Is it because you don’t know what today is?” He asked, hoping for at least a good response to this one. I sighed, but let a small smile escape. “Yes….I have no idea.”
“It’s Christmas…eve, but still.” The blonde appeared to think for a moment. “It’s all about happiness, and cheer! You could at least act a little happy on this holiday…”
I sighed, pausing to glance at the others. They appeared to be getting into some kind of…was that a snowball fight? As I turned back, I unwittingly…got splatted with a snowball.
I shuddered, feeling the cold along my back. The blonde was laughing, clutching a snowball in hand—it appeared as though he was the one that did it.
….Do you really think a paladin of Azure City, the land of greatness and glory, was going to take that?
I immediately clutched the snow next to me, crafted snowballs, and fired off, 2 of the other Order members joining my side, and firing as well, hitting two others.
…As much as I hate to say it, it was the most fun…I may have ever had.

After the snowball fight was over, we were all sitting on the ground, laughing like children.
…I think this has shown me what it’s like to be a bit normal, for once, to be accepted among the people instead of being above them.
The blonde helped me up, extending a hand. I took it, got up, and brushed myself off. “See, Miko? The holidays bring out the best in everyone…even if you thought they wouldn’t.” He said…and I nodded to agree.
You know….maybe, when I get home….I’ll try these holidays more often. Happy Holidays, Azure city. And happy holidays, myself. And the biggest happy holidays come from the one spent…with the Order of the Stick.

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