Ancient Black Dragon/Inkyrius

"No, STOP!" Inkyrius screamed. The dragon raised her head, her attention no longer on the children for a moment as she regarded the elf with dark curiosity. "Please, don't hurt them! Anything but that!" Kyrie pleaded, frantically searching the dragon's red eyes for mercy and finding none. "Please, let them live! Take me instead!"
"How touching," the dragon grunted with amusement. "But you make an interesting proposition, and perhaps I may be persuaded to disregard my revenge, for a certain price…"
"What is it you ask? I will do anything!"
"Oh, I am sure you will. I doubt your dear purple-haired spouse would approve, but that makes my revenge all the sweeter…"
Thus saying, the dragon leaned close and whispered, "Acid Immunity."

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