IFCC Fiends/The Chimera Trigak

"…And after we had torn ourselves free of the tentacles, the halfling got the jump on us and killed us."
"Fascinating," Cedrik muttered. "However, this tells us little about the Order that we did not already know - although it IS interesting that the elf knows that spell - so I'm afraid you'll be off to the Lemure Pit once we're done."
"We COULD put the Chimera to better use," Lee interjected.
"Precisely," Nero agreed. "We're always on the lookout for new employees, after all. So allow us to make you an offer - you support us in our scheme, and in exchange we provide you with a far more pleasant fate than what befalls most of those who are damned to the Lower Planes."
"*Additional terms of service and payment to be specified at a later date," Cedrik and Lee muttered in unison.
"What sort of service are you looking for?" the Chimera asked, all three heads showing curiosity and slight suspicion.
"Oh, the usual sort…. Espionage, retrieval missions, escort, assassinations…." Lee replied in a steady drawl.
"Additionally, there may be some other ways you could be of use to us," Nero added. At the surprised glances from his colleagues and the confused expressions of the Chimera, he shrugged. "What? There are three of us and three of them."

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