His allies were all dying around him, Redcloak could do nothing but look on in despair. “hey, why don't you help me instead of just standing there you moron?” Xykon asked in his guttural undead voice. Redcloak would honestly be relieved if Xykon died at this point, but his comrades, jirix they were all dying and the adventuring group from the dungeon of Dorukan were killing them as well as Xykon. Redcloak actually couldn't believe it. The adventurer's were somehow hurting Xykon could they possibly…… “Redcloak! Healing now! Or at least kill one of these guys! Preferably blueplate!” “It's Greenhilt you undead Bastard!” The warrior said as he brought an especially powerful blow down upon the Lich's skull. Redcloak thought about it and realized the best way to get out of this, and they might even live. “Disintegrate!” He cried pointing his finger at Xykon and the Lich turned into a pile of dust. “we surrender!” redcloak shouted and held his hands up. Upon seeing this the hobgoblins followed suit and dropped their weapons. The leader of the group, a mister “greenhilt” came up to redcloak, his blade still out and said “why should we trust you?” Redcloak pulled off his holy symbol and handed it to the human. “here's Xykon's phylactery. Destroy it, make sure he doesn't come back.” Roy took the symbol quizzically and said “you still havent' explained why we should let you go.” Redcloak looked into his eyes and said “ I started this plan in order to give my race a fair shake. We've been used as nothing more than xp for you humans to level up. Instead of helping my race I've been killing them. I'm sick of it, I'm sick of all the people I care about dying around me. I'm done with the plan.” he says as he takes off his cloak and hands it to the fighter. “here. Take it. I can do my Job of making life better for goblins in other ways that involve less death.” There was a long pause as Roy contemplated what to do and then Haley spoke up “he's not lying Roy, I can tell” “are you sure?” Haley paused and said “I'm sure.” “Fine” Roy said and tossed the phylactery on the ground as he drew his sword back, bringing it down and cleaving the symbol in two. “we're done here. Lets go” The human who's name was apparently Roy said and everybody on his side started leaving. After they left one of the hobgoblins came up and asked him “what are we going to do now master?” Redcloak thought for a minute. Back to the day when Xykon found him again and remembered right eye's house. “I think we should start making peace with humans rather than war. Other than that, I need to go home.”

Redcloak left, never to return to Azure city. He went back to where his brother's family had died and looked around. The skeletons of his brother's family were still there along with several others that had lived in the village. “well, guess I should get started” he said and began burying the bones.

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