The desert breeze tossed another bit of grit inbetween Haley's teeth as she dodged behind a pillar. She'd just distracted Elan with a game involving urns and did not want him to see her again now. "Haley!" he called as he walked right by her, oblivious as always. "Where'd you go?"

As he moved out of earshot, Haley breathed a sigh of relief and made her way through across town to a little out of the way inn that catered to "special interests." The innkeeper grinned and winked as she passed through up to her room.

Inside, Durkon was waiting for her, already stripped of clothing above the waist. She feasted her eyes on his small but powerful chest, admiring his fuzzy dwarf hair; she couldn't wait to start tugging on it. "Heya, Durkon," she said seductively, casting him a little wink.

Durkon smiled and bowed his head. "'allo, me Mistress," he intoned respectively. The sound of his title for her caused an instant feral smirk to grace her face. "Oooh, starting with that already?" She bounced over to him and ran her hand over his smooth pate. "You just really like this too much, don't you?"

Durkon shivered in delight. "Yes, Mistress."

Haley giggled. "I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that." She suddenly slapped him in the face. Durkon let out a low rumble of pain mixed with a pleasured laugh. "Now then," Haley said, inching her face down to his and running her tongue over his lips, "shall we start with the whip, or the paddle?"

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