Redcloak: "Tsukiko! There's intruders in the southern district, I need you to take care of them!"
Tsukiko: "Umm… I'm coming, give me a sec!"
Redcloak: "Alright, don't take your time, it's the resistance!"
A little while later, in the southern district:
Haley: "Belkar! That witch is coming, prepare to kill those undead! And what is SHE WEARING?!"
Belkar: Jumps out of the pineapple pot, daggers raised, with a devilish grin on his face "Let's get this done."
In a split second, Belkar sees Tsukiko coming around a corner, wearing what seems to some costume made for people who serve tea, possibly those who clean. It looked hot too, she made it so, and as he stared, Belkar lost all track of time and was entranced by the woman running towards them with a murderous look on her face.
Tsukiko: "What are YOU looking at?!" Tsukiko screamed loudly at Belkar. Though she made her face and tone hostile, he looked kind of cute there, staring, drooling even.
Belkar: Snapping out of it as the woman yelled at him, he looked up at her face, threw his daggers in random directions, hitting undead left and right, and ran towards her, hands raised in anticipation. "I… I uh…"
Tsukiko: What is he doing? She looked at Belkar, puzzled. "Oh, little man!" Suddenly realizing what he came running towards her for, she opened her arms wide.

To be continued by your imagination…

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