Blackwing/Mr. Scruffy

"Grrrr…" Vaarsuvius growled as she stormed into her tent, Blackwing in tow.

"I'm sure you can talk some sense into him, Vaarsuvius…" Blackwing tried to comfort her.

"Its not Kyrie I'm upset about!" the Wizard snarled. "I'm just annoyed that my friends won't acknowledge your existance. I can FIX my problems with Kyrie easily…"

"Really now?" Blackwing arched a feathery eyebrow. "And how do you intend to do that?"

"I'm going to create a spell of Eagle's Splendor, which should give me quite a nice Charisma modifier…" V grins mischeviously.

"But don't you only get a 4 point bonus?" Blackwing reminded her.

"If I use a few eagle feathers or some eagle droppings, yes. But if a those give you 4 points, then what would the whole eagle give you? V grins.

"Ah… That is an interesting idea. But where do you plan to get an Eagle?" Blackwing gulped, hoping she didn't plan to improvise in order to save her marriage.

"Relax, my familiar, I already have something lined up…" V winked, heading towards the exit of the tent. "Stay here, and if anybody asks where I am, tell them the bathroom. They'll probably outside of them for hours to see which door I come out of…" she snickered as she left.

"Hm. I do hope this works out for her…" Blackwing sighed as his Master left. "Though I must wonder why nobody has tried to use a whole eagle before. Surely it would have been written about. Hm?" Blackwing suddenly looks up as a figure enters the tent. He then smiles when he sees that it is only Belkar's pet cat, Mr. Scruffy. "Ah. I wonder if it will ignore me like the rest of them? Surely it won't try to eat me…" thought aloud from atop V's desk.

Mr. Scruffy walked up to the desk and sat beneath Blackwing. He began to stare up at the bird, purring. "Hm…" Blackwing mused. "I wonder why he's staring at me like that?" The moment the words left his beak, Mr. Scruffy pounced.


Not long afterwards, V returned. "I have returned, Blackwing…" she said aloud as she placed a large sack on top of her desk, quickly stuffing a few loose feathers back into it. "Blackwing?"

"Shhhhh…" came a reply.

"Blackwing?" Vaarsuvius arched an eyebrow. Looking under her desk, she made a bizarre discovery. Blackwing, missing a few feathers and looking rather worse for wear, was hiding under her desk surrounding by clumps of white cat hair and clutching a shiny red orb. "Blackwing, are you okay? Why are you holding onto a bauble?"

"I just want to be left along right now…" Blackwing muttered weakly. "Just leave me and my bauble alone…"

"Oooooookaaaaayyyyy…" Vaarsuvius replied in confusion. "I'll… leave you alone, then…"

"Its okay, Mr. Bauble…" Blackwing whispered to the red orb. "I'm sorry you had to watch that…"

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