Crystal/The Chimera

Somewhere in the Neutral Evil afterlife, Crystal was sitting in a tavern knocking back another tankard of beer. The Neutral Evil afterlife was okay… there were peasants to burn, villages to kill… But it got old fast. The people she wanted to kill weren't killable, and she couldn't do a thing about it. "Grrrr…" she growled, suddenly throwing her beer across the counter. "DARN YOU, HALEY, AND YOUR STUPID ORDER!!"

"And what Order would that be?" inquired a trio of voices from nearby. Looking over, Crystal noticed a Chimera hunched over at a nearby table, casually sipping from three mugs of ale. "We couldn't help but overhear that outburst…"

"Meh…" Crystal huffed. "I think they're called the Order of the Stick."

"Oh…" the Chimera snarled. "Them… Yeah, they sent us here, too…"

"Really, now?" Crystal arched an eyebrow. "How'd that come about?"


"You should have seen the looks on the kids' faces when I told them I wasn't the clown!" Crystal giggled. "Oh man, birthday parties are a hoot…"

"HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!" the trio of Chimeric heads laughed.


"Oooooh, no…" Crystal frowned indignantly, rejecting the Chimera's offer to join them in their room upstairs. "I'm not drunk enough for that…"


"Okay," Cyrstal giggled, putting down her twelth jug of booze, "I'm drunk enough now…"


"Sooo…" Crystal broke the awkward silence, looking over at the Chimera that she was sharing a bed with. "I don't suppose you know how you got her either, do you?"

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