Dragon Hoard/Yokyok/Yor

"We finally did it, my dear!" Yor roared as he picked up his Kobold lover in his arms and swung him around.

"Indeed!" Yokyok squeeled, kicking his legs with joy. "Ever since you Rezzed me, things have been going our way! And now we're RICH!!" the Kobold exclaimed. Sure enough, the odd couple had discovered a hidden cache of draconic loot in an abandoned cave. The massive pile of gold behind them stretched almost to the ceiling. However, in their jubilation, they failed to notice something.

It was moving.

Slowly, the pile of gold began to rise up, and a pair of glowing red rubies began to glimmer like eyes, while a gaping maw formed in the center of its metal mass, a pair of golden knives leering down like fangs. As it loomed over its prey, the two paused their partying for a moment to both ask in unison: "Do you hear something?"

Before either could look up, it was already too lateā€¦

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