Eye of Fear and Flame/Tsukiko/Hot Pocket

While exploring Team Evil's kitchen, Tsukiko opened up the microwave to see if it was clean. To her surprise, there was a hot pocket already in there. Touching it with the back of her hand, she found it to be lukewarm, and assumed it had been forsaken by its chef. Judging from the heat, it'd been there long enough to cool down for the most part, but still stay deliciously warm.

Narrowing her eyes, Tsukiko glanced around the room. 'No one around…' she thought to herself. 'Its mine for the taking.' With deft hands, she plucked the microwavable meal from the microwave and began to munch on it. "Mm… Barbeque chicken…" she mused through a mouth full of BBQ goodness.

Meanwhile, hiding in a nearby cabinet, the Eye of Fear and Flame sat watching through the slightly ajar door. "Oh yeah…" the skull murmered to itself, "You devour that hot pocket…"

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