Redcloak needed to see a psychiatrist. Severely. It hadn't been too bad at first. He'd been having dreams about the Order of the Stick and their allies, although they were all sitting in a tavern getting drunk and enjoying each other's company. But the dreams started to get stranger. Over time, he and the leader of Azure City, Hinjo, would sit down at a table and tell jokes and funny stories back and forth. With every dream, the story progressed. Jokes and stories turned into friendly banter. Friendly banter turned into personal discussion. Personal discussion eventually turned into an invitation upstairs into Hinjo's room. That invitation turned into something… unspeakable. The dreams got worse and worse, but Redcloak thought it was just his subconscious playing merry havok with his mind. But he finally decided he needed help when his dream self broke out the high heeled boots, black leather underwear, and a bullwhip.

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