"Well, this sucks…" Julia Greenhilt growled as she walked up the sandy beach her life-raft had washed ashore on. She'd been on a cruise with some friends, and a pesky Kraken had decided to try and soothe its munchies by attacking it. Amazingly, she'd found an escape craft and made it away from the sinking ship, but she'd left all her clothes and make-up onboard. Now she was stuck on a tropical island, all alone and with nothing to wear but a skimpy green top and a tattered green skirt. Granted, that was all her wardrobe consisted of, but still, she liked the subtle differences between them.

As she walked along the shoreline, she noticed something in the distance. A statue. More like a collosus, actually. It appeared to be a giant stone demon, and it towered over the forest. "Meh, nowhere else to go…" the dark-skinned teenager shrugged, heading off towards the structure. It didn't take her long to get there, thanks to the magic of montages, but her stylish green shoes did not survive the trip. Oh well, going barefoot allowed her to show off her awesome green toe-nail polish.

Eventually arriving at the statue, Julia examined the engraving at its base. Apparently, some chick named Therkla would have made a pretty cool girlfriend. It would have seemed that the statue had once served as a grave marker. But that no longer seemed to be the case - the ground in front of it had been dug up, and now there was only an empty hole in the ground. "Ew, somebody dug up a corpse…" was all Julia could really say on the matter. "How gross is that?"

"Pretty gross…" a voice remarked from nearby. Wheeling around, Julia discovered that she was being watched. Leaning against a tree nearby was a girl with green skin, dark green hair, and a purple uniform. The uniform looked a bit worse for wear, and her hair was slightly dirty, but besides that most people would have found her to be a rather attractive young half-orc.

"Who are you?" Julia asked, jumping slightly.

"My name is Therkla…" the new girl replied, smiling. "And you are?"

"Julia Greenhilt," Julia replied. "Wait, isn't the girl who's grave this is named Therkla?"

"Yeeeeeah…" the green-skinned girl ponder for a moment, before continuing. "She was my twin sister, and appears to have been robbed from her grave. Oh well. We had the same name, but with different pronunciations. Trust me, its common amongst Orks…"

"I can believe it…" Julia grumbled, not really caring. "So, I'm assuming this isn't a deserted island? Thank the gods…"

"Well, there's a tribe of Orks on the island," Therkla replied, "But other than that, there's not much contact with the outside world."

"I'm doomed…" Julia sighed sadly.

"Don't worry, I'm sure a merchant vessel will stop by at some point. Eventually…" the half-orc shrugged.

"That's comforting…" the dark-skinned girl grumbled. "So, what is there to do around here?"

"Not much…" Therkla shrugged. "It gets quite lonely around here, actually…" she sighed sadly. Julia watched her for a moment, before a pang of human decency hit her heart.

"Y'know, since I'm gonna be stuck here for awhile, I suppose… We could be friends, and keep each other company…" Julia shrugged.

"And do make-overs and stuff?" Therkla gasped happily.

"And truth or dare…" Julia smirked.

"Huzzah!" Therkla lept for joy. "I've got a camp set up on the beach to the North of here. Shall we go?"

"Sure…" Julia nodded, walking ahead into the woods.

"Excellent…" Therkla grinned as she walked after her, revealing a set of razor-sharp fangs.

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