Moonlight glistened off the dagger clutched in Therkla's hand as she slowly crept in through the window. Her orders from Lord Kabuto had been clear - leave no member of House Kato alive. As luck would have it, the patriarch Daigo had been sent out on a scouting mission on a nearby island, leaving his beloved wife all alone. And defenceless…

Therkla strode through the shadows, following the sounds of a woman snoring as she snuck around the Kato's vessel. She managed to avoid the few guards stationed on the ship, and it didn't take her long to creep into Kazumi's bedchamber. Therkla looked around the room. It was mostly empty, except for the bed, which was covered in thick blankets and poofy pillows. At least the matriarch of House Kato would die comfortably, and with a matching bed set…

As Therkla snuck over to the bed, she couldn't help but feel a slight twing of guilt. Here she was, a believer in true love, about to destroy a young couple's hopes and dreams. But orders were orders… Therkla soon found herself standing over the sleeping form of Kazumi Kato, dagger in hand. The young noblewoman's face poked out from under a thick blanket, obscuring the location of her body. Therkla didn't want to stab her in the face, but she also didn't want to just start jabbing randomly into the blanket and hope she hit something vital. So, slowly and methodically, Therkla grasped the blanket and slowly pulled it back so she could get a clear shot at Kazumi's heart.

Shortly there-after, she yanked the blanket back up to Kazumi's neck and struggled to suppress a gasp. Two things had struck her as she'd pulled back the blanket. The first thing was the horrifying discovery that Kazumi believed that sleeping was a "clothing optional" activity. The second thing that struck her was the even more horrifying discovery that Kazumi was pregnant! Nobody had mentioned that little tid-bit of info! She began to panick as she realized that she couldn't afford to disobey her orders, but at the same time, she couldn't bring herself to do it.

Unable to think clearly with a constricting and heat-absorbing mask on her face, Therkla ripped his ninja hood off and sighed silently. "I can't do this…" Therkla whispered to herself, wiping sweat from her brow. "I may be evil, but I'm not Chaotic evil… I'll just have to tell Lord Kabuto that she wasn't here, or that she defeated me somehow. But he'll never believe that. After all, how could she catch a ninja off guard?" Therkla smirked.

As if on cue, Kazumi's hands shot up from under the blanket and grabbed the horrified Half-Orc by the shoulders. "Daigo, baby…" Kazumi smiled dumbly with barely-open eyes, apparently still half asleep. "I missed you so much. C'mere and lemme give my sweetie a kiss…"

Therkla was in shock. She'd been caught off guard. The next thing she knew, she was being dragged down towards the sleeping woman, her lithe ninja frame no match against the power of "love" Kazumi possessed. As their faces drew closer, Therkla realized that there was no escape. She opened her mouth to scream… but her voice was swiftly silenced.


The next morning, Lord Kabuto went downstairs to find Therkla. She hadn't yet come by to tell him about how the mission had gone - obviously a bad sign. He found Quarr standing outside her quarters, the little Imp hovering about looking worried. "Quarr…" Lord Kabuto frowned. "Where is Therkla?"

"HUUUUURRRRRKKK!!!" somebody gagged from the other side of the door.

"She's… uh… sick, sir…" Quarr shrugged.

"Sick?" Kabuto arched an eyebrow. "How? Since when?"

"I'm guessing a poison or something…" Quarr replied. "She's been sick all morning. I don't think her mission went well last night."

"What makes you say that?"


"Well… When she got back, she had this really horrified expression on her face. She was also a lot… greener, than usual. Oh, and she had bruises all over the sides of her neck…"

"Really now?"

"She kept saying that she didn't stand a chance, and that she was no match… I think she must have lost a battle with another ninja, and they poisoned her. She must have managed to escape when they tried to strangle her…" Quarr surmised.


"Blast!" Kabuto snarled. "Shinjo must have ninjas of his own assigned to protect the Katos… I'll have to hold off on attacking them again for awhile. Hm… Well, inform Therkla that I hope she feels better, and I'm glad she made it back alright. Of course, its no suprise she managed to escape. She's my best agent. There's no way she would be caught completely off guard…" Kabuto smirked.


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