Elan yawned as he awoke from his peaceful slumber, stretching his arms out to his sides to losen up his muscles. He felt his hand bump into something, and with bleary eyes he looked over to the see what was next to his bedroll. He had to blink a few times to make his eyes focus, but soon he was able to tell what the mysterious object was - a scroll. A small smile spread across Elan's sleepy features. This strange event had been going on for months, and he'd grown quite accustomed to it.

Somebody had an odd habit of leaving him love letters. Somehow, every few weeks somebody was able to sneak into his tent, room, or whatever place of resting he happened to be in at the time, and leave him a small scroll at some point during the night. In the morning, he would wake up to discover it, and its well-written words of romance would help him start his day off in a good mood. In retrospect, he'd realized that Haley had been writting the notes. She'd obviously had feelings for him for quite some time, longer than he'd been recieving the letters, so it was clear that she'd been the writer. Of course, he never talked to her about it - each letter specifically said that he was never to be mentioned to anyone, even the writer if he were to "discern their identity," whatever that meant. He figured it meant he shouldn't talk to Haley about it, since it would ruin the romantic-ness of it. Which was fine with him…

Of course, there was the issue of how he'd been able to recieve the letters while Haley was trapped in Azure City. But Elan wasn't one for logic - he believed that dramatic elements ursurped the laws of physics in most, if not all, situations. And the most powerful destroyer of logic was the power of True Love. It seemed very simple to him for the letters to still get to him, despite Haley's absence - the power of their love simply allowed them to stay connected, at least in their own special little way.

Elan picked up the scroll, and unfurled it. As his eyes danced across the elegant writing, a smile spread across his face. It sure was nice of Haley to go to such great lengths in the name of romance. He'd never heard her us such big words or fancy speech. He didn't even know what some of these words meant, only that they were some sort of compliment. It was quite meaningful for her to keep such eloquence of words saved for her special letters to him. Elan couldn't help but grin at the sheer amount of love that obviously had to go into such letters.

With a contented sigh, Elan rolled up the scroll and pulled a small pouch from under his pillow. He opened up the Bag of Holding, which had been given to him with the first scroll, and placed the newest letter of affection inside. He then placed it back under his pillow, let out another sigh, and got up from his cot to begin his day with a big smile on his face.

A few tents over, Vaarsuvius had a smile on her face, as well. It was a sad smile, however. With the Scrying spell she was using, she could see into Elan's tent, and watch him as he awoke to read her letter. It was dissappointing that Elan thought the letters were from Haley. And downright depressing that he was already with Haley, although V knew that even if he was available, no amount of magic would give her the courage needed to tell him her feelings face-to-face. So, for now, and likely forever, her affection for Elan would be unrecognized, and her love unreturned.

But at least she had the satisfaction of seeing the smile her letters brought to his face.

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